Volkswagen recalls 2.6 million cars worldwide

According to a spokesman for Volkswagen Group, the company is recalling around 2.6 million vehicles around the world, including some sold in Dallas, over electronic and drive system problems. The automotive giant fears that these flaws could lead to a car accident that would cause injuries, although there have been no reports so far of accidents related to these recall issues.

Volkswagen has recommended that automotive mechanics substitute mineral oil to lubricate dual-clutch gearboxes in place of synthetic oil. This issue affects about 1.6 million vehicles. The company also stated that 800,000 Tiguan compact SUVs could suffer from lighting defects and another 239,000 Amarok pickup trucks should be checked for leaks of fuel. Volkswagen previous recalled nearly 385,000 vehicles in China earlier this year after claims of sudden acceleration reminiscent of the Toyota problems that resulted in injury for some owners.

The addition of sophisticated technology to new models has led to an increasing number of recalls affecting not only Volkswagen but also Chrysler, Toyota and Mitsubishi. The auto industry blames mass market demands for the frantic pace that drives new developments which may not be fully vetted before releasing vehicles to the public for sale. However, it is still the responsibility of an automaker to ensure that vehicles are safe before putting them on the market.

Those who have suffered an injury in an accident that is related to a recall issue may have a claim against the automobile manufacturer. A personal injury attorney may be able to review the facts of the victim’s case and offer advice on how to collect damages in a recall accident matter.

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