Vehicles may be affected by recall of Kia vans

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has been informed by automaker Kia that there is a potential steering problem in some of its vehicles. A recall has been issued, but only for vehicles sold or registered in specific states. Texas is not one of the states named; however, local vehicles may still be affected.

Typically, a recall of this type is issued nationwide instead of by geographical region. In this case, however, the recalls due to possible rust and breakage of the control arm are thought to affect only those that are driven in states where rust might be a problem. Consumer groups have expressed concerns about such geographic recalls as it could leave some affected vehicles out of the notifications process. A van sold in Missouri, one of the recall states, to someone living in Ft. Worth, for example, could still have trouble with the steering problem. The new owner wouldn’t necessarily receive notice as they are outside of the geographic recall area.

The recall involves Kia Sedona vans from model year 2006 through 2012. About 80,000 vehicles are affected. The control arm, if rusted, could break and the driver would lose steering capabilities. Though no injuries have been reported so far, many owners have notified the NHTSA that their vehicles suddenly went out of control. By issuing a specific recall affecting only limited states, the manufacturer could save money.

In the case of a car accident that involves a potentially recalled vehicle, an attorney may be able to help with the details. Fighting a large auto manufacturer for damages can be intimidating. Having someone in your corner could make the difference between being properly compensated and losing a case.

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