Pedestrian Accidents Attorneys

Pedestrian accidents are possibly the most devastating type of road accident. There are any number of reasons why innocent pedestrians get hit, but the most common one is driver negligence. Dallas area drivers know they have a responsibility to watch for pedestrians at all times. The responsibility is heightened in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Unfortunately, it is surprisingly common for pedestrians to be knocked down, injured or even killed by moving vehicles. These kinds of accidents can lead to wrongful death claims. No one ever imagines that he or she will be a victim of an accident, but it is possible and it happens more than you might think.

Victims Of Pedestrian Accidents
The victims of pedestrian accidents are wide and varied. A child playing on the sidewalk, a senior citizen taking a walk or a business person walking across a busy downtown street are examples of accident victims. Cars don’t only hit people while traveling down the road. Many accidents occur in parking lots where people are sometimes hard to see as they walk between rows of cars.

The members of this specific group are especially at risk of being hit by moving vehicles, the elderly. Whether it’s slower physical reaction times or mental unawareness, elderly people often have difficulty moving out of the path of oncoming vehicles. Also, elderly bodies are far more vulnerable to injury than the bodies of younger people.

Small children are also more vulnerable to car accidents. A child chasing a ball or toy may pay no attention to oncoming traffic. Children are unpredictable because they are often unaware of their surroundings. Children don’t understand the risk running into the street creates.

Determining Fault In A Pedestrian Accident
If you seek help from a Dallas area car accident attorney, he or she will examine the evidence from the accident in an effort to establish liability. Like in all other accidents, determining fault in a pedestrian accident is based on a number of factors. A finding of fault can shape a lawyer’s entire strategy in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Factors that help determine liability in pedestrian accidents include:

  • While driving, did a person take their eyes off the road to answer a call or to text?
  • Did a driver turn around to talk to passengers and thereby cause the accident?
  • Did a drunk driver cause the accident?
  • Was the driver who caused the accident driving too fast?
  • Did the driver ignore road signs or signals from other cars?

As with bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents where the rider has limited protection, accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians can lead to serious injury or even death. At the very least, there is a good chance that medical attention will be required. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in Dallas, a lawyer may be able to help.

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