Negligent and dangerous driving causes serious injuries, so get serious help.

When traveling in a motor vehicle, unexpected events can occur that may cause a crash. Although situations exist when the exact cause of an accident can’t be determined, there are certain circumstances known to increase the chances of a traffic accident. Having an awareness of the most common car accident causes could be helpful in avoiding an accident.

Reports published by the Texas Department of Transportation show that 3,399 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2012. This figure is an increase of over 10 percent compared with figures from 2011. In addition, over 230,000 people were injured in traffic accidents. It is sad to consider that many of these injuries and fatalities could have been prevented.

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What Are The Most Common Car Accident Causes?

The common causes of car accidents listed below are not only dangerous they are illegal. Drivers who engage in these types of behaviors while driving may not only be held financially responsible for damages and injuries but may also be held criminally responsible.

  • Drunk drivers: In Texas, preventing accidents caused by drunk drivers has become a top priority. Each year the penalties for those who drive while intoxicated get more and more severe, especially when it comes to repeat offenders. Unfortunately, there were still over 3,000 alcohol related motor vehicle accidents that resulted in 1,099 deaths on Texas roads in 2012.
  • Cell phones: Cell phones play a significant role in the number of distracted and reckless driving accidents. Drivers may be tempted to pay attention to cell phones, instead of driving. This behavior endangers everyone else on the road.
  • Text messaging: While still a relatively new hazard for drivers, texting while driving has fast become one of leading causes of car accidents, especially among younger drivers. Texas has not yet approved a state-wide ban on texting while driving, but one is expected in the near future.
  • Drugs: Drugs can be as dangerous as alcohol especially when a driver gets behind the wheel after using. It is always illegal to take drugs and drive and it can be very dangerous.
  • Speeding: A type of reckless driving, driving too fast for road or weather conditions is a common cause of automobile accidents. The risk of serious injury or fatality is higher in accidents caused by excessive speed.

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons and accident injuries vary greatly from case to case. Sometimes they are caused by events that are outside the control of any driver. The number of accidents and related injuries and deaths could be reduced greatly however, if drivers would drive responsibly.

Injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident? You can be compensated.

While the term “motor vehicle accident” seems pretty clear, most people use the term generically to describe many types of accidents. Many car accident victims in Dallas do not realize they could be eligible for compensation following their accident involving a motor vehicle. For example, most people do not know that you can be a car accident victim even if you were not inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Pedestrians, people on motorcycles and even cyclists can be involved in motor vehicle accidents. If you or someone you love has been involved in any of these types of accidents, a Dallas car accident attorney may be able to help.

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Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

“Motor vehicle accident” is a general term that may be used to describe any of the following types of accidents:

  • Car accidents: A car accident is the most common type of motor vehicle accident. These types of accidents include anything from fender benders to rear-end collisions, or worse. Any time a Dallas resident is injured in a car accident, he or she may be entitled to compensation for expenses like medical bills. An experienced Dallas car accident attorney can perform an in depth analysis of your accident and recommend a course of action.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycles are legal road vehicles and have the same right to use the roads as any other type of vehicle in Texas. Unfortunately, many drivers do not respect that right, and as a result, motorcyclists are often victimized in serious crashes. These incidents often result in severe injuries and even deaths.
  • Truck accidents: The smaller frame of a car can be seriously compromised if struck by a large commercial truck. This can lead to catastrophic damages and injuries. Large 18-wheelers are sometimes driven recklessly, either because of driver fatigue or simple negligence. Either way, those who are victimized by this behavior are entitled to seek a financial settlement.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians in Dallas always have the right of way when crossing the street at a crosswalk or moving through parking lots. Even if a pedestrian is not necessarily following the traditional rules of the road at the time of an accident, is jaywalking, etc., it is the driver who has the burden of responsibility to protect those walking in the vicinity of a moving vehicle.
  • Bicycle accidents: Bicyclists have all the same rights and duties as other motor vehicle operators on the road. In addition, cars are required to yield the right of way to bikes. Many times however, drivers don’t know or blatantly ignore this law. This can lead to accidents and serious injuries to bicyclists.

If any of these types of accidents have affected you or your family, you could benefit from the advice of a Dallas car accident attorney. An attorney can examine all the evidence from your case and determine what subsequent steps should be taken.

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Dallas driver injured in collision

A driver in a 1993 Chevrolet Blazer was traveling west on Lucky Seven Road while a driver in a 2000 Volkswagen was heading north on Merle Wolfe Road. According to law enforcement, the driver in the Blazer failed to yield at a stop sign and struck the Volkswagen. The driver of the Volkswagen sustained multiple severe injuries and was airlifted to a Texas medical center, where she was listed in serious condition. The driver of the Blazer and two passengers refused treatment at the scene. Police report that the occupants in both vehicles were wearing seatbelts at the time of the collision.

When someone has been seriously injured in a car accident, he or she may be facing weeks or months of painful surgeries, physical therapy and other treatments. During that time, medical and personal expenses may accumulate, leaving the accident victim in financial distress.

If the accident was the result of another driver’s careless behavior, such as failing to yield the right of way, speeding or distracted driving, then the victim may be eligible to collect financial compensation.

A Texas personal injury lawyer could answer questions and assess an individual case to determine a fair settlement amount. In addition, a lawyer may be able to handle many aspects of a lawsuit by negotiating directly with the insurance company. If the case requires litigation, the lawyer could provide the appropriate representation for the plaintiff.

Vehicles may be affected by recall of Kia vans

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has been informed by automaker Kia that there is a potential steering problem in some of its vehicles. A recall has been issued, but only for vehicles sold or registered in specific states. Texas is not one of the states named; however, local vehicles may still be affected.

Typically, a recall of this type is issued nationwide instead of by geographical region. In this case, however, the recalls due to possible rust and breakage of the control arm are thought to affect only those that are driven in states where rust might be a problem. Consumer groups have expressed concerns about such geographic recalls as it could leave some affected vehicles out of the notifications process. A van sold in Missouri, one of the recall states, to someone living in Ft. Worth, for example, could still have trouble with the steering problem. The new owner wouldn’t necessarily receive notice as they are outside of the geographic recall area.

The recall involves Kia Sedona vans from model year 2006 through 2012. About 80,000 vehicles are affected. The control arm, if rusted, could break and the driver would lose steering capabilities. Though no injuries have been reported so far, many owners have notified the NHTSA that their vehicles suddenly went out of control. By issuing a specific recall affecting only limited states, the manufacturer could save money.

In the case of a car accident that involves a potentially recalled vehicle, an attorney may be able to help with the details. Fighting a large auto manufacturer for damages can be intimidating. Having someone in your corner could make the difference between being properly compensated and losing a case.