Negligent and dangerous driving causes serious injuries, so get serious help.

When traveling in a motor vehicle, unexpected events can occur that may cause a crash. Although situations exist when the exact cause of an accident can’t be determined, there are certain circumstances known to increase the chances of a traffic accident. Having an awareness of the most common car accident causes could be helpful in avoiding an accident.

Reports published by the Texas Department of Transportation show that 3,399 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2012. This figure is an increase of over 10 percent compared with figures from 2011. In addition, over 230,000 people were injured in traffic accidents. It is sad to consider that many of these injuries and fatalities could have been prevented.

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What Are The Most Common Car Accident Causes?

The common causes of car accidents listed below are not only dangerous they are illegal. Drivers who engage in these types of behaviors while driving may not only be held financially responsible for damages and injuries but may also be held criminally responsible.

  • Drunk drivers: In Texas, preventing accidents caused by drunk drivers has become a top priority. Each year the penalties for those who drive while intoxicated get more and more severe, especially when it comes to repeat offenders. Unfortunately, there were still over 3,000 alcohol related motor vehicle accidents that resulted in 1,099 deaths on Texas roads in 2012.
  • Cell phones: Cell phones play a significant role in the number of distracted and reckless driving accidents. Drivers may be tempted to pay attention to cell phones, instead of driving. This behavior endangers everyone else on the road.
  • Text messaging: While still a relatively new hazard for drivers, texting while driving has fast become one of leading causes of car accidents, especially among younger drivers. Texas has not yet approved a state-wide ban on texting while driving, but one is expected in the near future.
  • Drugs: Drugs can be as dangerous as alcohol especially when a driver gets behind the wheel after using. It is always illegal to take drugs and drive and it can be very dangerous.
  • Speeding: A type of reckless driving, driving too fast for road or weather conditions is a common cause of automobile accidents. The risk of serious injury or fatality is higher in accidents caused by excessive speed.

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons and accident injuries vary greatly from case to case. Sometimes they are caused by events that are outside the control of any driver. The number of accidents and related injuries and deaths could be reduced greatly however, if drivers would drive responsibly.

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